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The Story of Andy Mohan

Andy Mohan
1950 Hong Kong
1953 Japan
1956 Okinawa
1962 Honolulu

Andy Mohan was raised in Pakistan and learned about fabrics from his father, a silk merchant. Mohan taught himself about designing and fitting and, in 1953, was in Japan tailoring uniforms for the military.

He moved to San Francisco in 1956. Although business was good, he did not feel comfortable there. While on his way back to Okinawa in 1961, he stopped in Hawaii and fell in love with the place. Mohan opened his shop in 1962 in Hawaii, despite family opposition: Who's going to want custom-tailored suits? In Hawaii nobody wears a suit. People wear grass skirts. Why are you wasting your time?

He has never looked back since.

Mohan listens to his customers before making his recommendations. Mohan always says, "My customers are my walking models."

Who buys custom made clothes?

  1. The person who appreciates clothes
    (knows what he wants)
  2. Understands quality
  3. Is hard to fit

A Message from Governor Benjamin J. Cayetano
August 19, 1999

On behalf of the people of the State of Hawaii, I send my greetings, and warmest aloha, to all who are celebrating the thirty-seventh anniversary of Andy Mohan, Inc.

For nearly four decades, Andy Mohan has provided the people of Hawaii with fine, custom tailored clothes and impeccable service. I offer my personal congratulations to the staff and management for a job well done.

Best wishes to each of you on this special occasion. May you have continued success in the clothing industry and enjoy a bright future in the coming years.

Benjamin J. Cayetano

You are more Smartly Dressed in Andy Mohan Clothes
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